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It seemed simple enough, 3 tubs, some instructions, soil and seeds.

Plant seeds, add water, cover till they sprout then re-pot and grow.


plant A: the “non-starter”… somehow I managed to kill this one, before it even existed – doh!

plant B: this is the one I’m most optimistic about… although I’m scared to re-pot it after what happened with…

plant C: oops. Having followed the instructions and re-potted the plants in this one… only one still survives… it’s since grown a 3rd leaf so it is alive!


it gets worse… look whats happened to my only surviving plant I’ve had more than a few weeks (had it over 10 years!)


Green fingered, I aint.

PS BIKE CLUB 645 @ DURLEY (unless its peeing it down)


  1. I swear by cacti for being an un-killable plant, and they have lasted me for years and years (especially the plastic light up one…). Can’t remember the last time I watered them which is always good and they are pretty useful when you want a place to stick your receipts etc.

  2. a yukka is like a cactii in that its desert dwelling and most people kill it by over watering them… ironically the years of neglect are why it grew so well… till now… 🙁

  3. Ah well there’s always the chance to grow another one…

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