swim club??

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swim club??

Yes… another Pier to Pier swim update… first up, the seal has a reprieve for now… pity… I saw this t-shirt design and I quite liked it!

i club seals

Anyway, swim club??? Have I gone club keeerrraaaazzzzeeeee?

Er no… well kinda. A friend of my girlfriend heard about me doing this swim and decided to sign up so now I have a swimming partner… who just happens to swim for a living (as a coach), so is kinda good… no… feckin amazing… doh!

As it was my first time, she was quite gentle today, didn’t do so many lengths but learnt loads to improve my technique… scary thing is she’s doing it to try n win… and I’ll be training with her so I need to up my game, loads!

She wants to get to 200 lengths, twice a week… yikes. If you see me looking near death due to exhaustion next week… you’ll know why… 🙂

The best bit is that I was wary of swimming on my own in the sea for practice and now I don’t have to. Winner!

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