my name’s Luke and I’m an addict

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It’s been hard to come to terms with this, but I think it’s time to go public about my addiction.

My name’s Luke and I’m an internet junkie.

I find myself continuously checking to see if there’s a WiFi network I can hop onto to check my email, surf around and generally get my hit.

It’s not helped by being my own boss again and having this groovy WiFi enabled phone that is the Nokia N95… I started to think I had a problem when I was using MSN (via Fring) on my mobile while watching TV, then this morning as I was just starting to surface, I realised I was checking my email and the BBC news mobile page for the latest headlines… before I’d even got out of bed.

This led me to think about how I use the internet, I’m so used to it being always on but is that productive?


Combine this with some issues I’m working through on my next steps in the master plan and it means… well… to be honest, a high level of internet related faffery.

From MSN chats to myspace commenting… youtube watching to geek journal reading… BBC news to email gossip… its so easy to fill a day up! (ok thats not entirely true, there’s been plenty of training and general life sorting out stuff going on too… like… um… finding the last few bits for my bike renovation project online – last bit should arrive tomo, very exciting, will post a pic and kit list for all you fellow bike geeks soon!)

Time for a new approach (again?? yeah I know, but life’d be boring if I just trundled along… it takes practice and perseverance to reach where I’m aiming for)

I’m working on a timetable, based on all the things I want to fit into a week plus some rules on net useage:

Email is only going to be checked… dum dum dum… 3 times a day. I reckon leaving it on, means I’m more likely to be distracted, the more emails I send, the more I’ll get back!

MSN is only allowed in the evenings (after 7pm) or on weekends, with the only possible exception being if I have a client MSN session booked.

BBC news is now banished to while I eat breakfast/lunch.

youtube is a no-no apart from evenings, as MSN

dontstayin/myspace/wired same as email.

blogging… hmmm… now theres an odd one, my best posts (imo) are the ones that come out, when they’re ready, so I need to make notes or write them and then stop. Its too tempting to write a blog post, have a look around a few other sites then… BAM you’re having another hit.

I used to switch my mobile off, if I was working on something important, I need to learn to do this again… its hard… go on try it… switch your mobile off for an hour, feels weird eh? Now imagine being like that about net access too… and you see where I am!!!

Ironic how all this technology to enhance our lives, has lead to me, now needing to switch off more.

Please, if you’re an internet junkie too.. leave a comment of support. Lets start our very own Internet Anon meeting online… hold on… ggggaaaaaaaaaaaaa….


  1. my names John and i’m an internet addict. I read websites on my mobile, while sat on the toilet: a bit like a hi-tech magazine rack I guess.

  2. Hi my names Mark and i’m an internet addict ! I tried to stop myself checking the bbc news technology headlines all day – it failed, now I let it control me…

  3. Hi, my name’s Carla and I’m an internet addict and a complete and utter MySpace whore!!!!

  4. Aaah it’s worrying how similar we all are! I am an internet addict too, as I too surf while on the loo (anything to avoid answering the phone at work…).

  5. My names Caz and I was on a ship for the majority of the past 2 years where internet and mobile phones are a struggle to access to say the least. You learn to just live without them. Ship life, especially if you have an easy job, clears your head because all you have to worry about is turning up to work on time and what are you going to do in the port. Its quite liberating.

    Although this isn’t helping the net addiction, Luke, look up Dr Jerri Nielson. She lectured on our ship when we were in Antarctica – I found her really inspiring.

    Happy Sunday 🙂

    PS This is soo long – sorry!

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