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damn it, i’ve been drifting along a bit the last few weeks… I think the problem is, I’d got used to working again (ie a 9-5 type “real” job) and now I’m my own boss I’d lost that time managment discipline I used to have… add in a few distractions (funerals, refurnishing, NLP course… hot women) and voila, my times been drifting away.


(Hmmm deja vu, on this post…)

I’ve re-hashed my old system and with a bit of perseverance I’ll be back to my old self.

NLP course, done n dusted 😀 so for all future correspondence, if you could please now use:

Mister Luke Adam Williams B.Sc. (hons) Dip SLC DCMT Master Pract NLP 😀 😀 😀


Goal – have more letters after my name than in it… check


  1. Amazing what u can get off the internet these days!! LOL
    Only joking, well done mate.

  2. I suppose we’ll have to grovel in your greatness when visiting in future…

    Seriously though, well done!

  3. Congrats fella. Now guess what playing card I am thinking off…

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