st george’s day

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st george’s day

It aint gonna happen is it? As much as I HATE the fact we don’t celebrate our patron saint, another bank holiday between easter and the 2 in may just doesn’t seem likely to me!

Well, I’m off out for a very English (and herefordian) cider or two!

st george's day


  1. Yeah, it is terrible how unpatriotic we are considering we have a great country
    (I’ve done a 9 month survey over 40 countries – the UK rates quite high in my survey ;))

    PS Caz is back forever but will be a social hermit until Saturday night 🙂

  2. The caz is back! I’m not out sat, but drop me a line in the week for a coffee. x

  3. I think this is a good idea. The best suggestions would be that rather than add another bank holiday we simply replace one of the ones that doesn’t actually mean too much to us, eg May Day perhaps.

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