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Wooooooooo! The training is back on track, I missed a session due to the 4 day weekend but once I’ve gone for todays bike club session, I’ll be back on track. I’ve stepped up another notch now too… ooohh… I think this ones gonna hurt, sit ups with weights? what sadistic swine invented that one??

Anyway… look out ladies, I’m gonna be ultra-hot by the summer… charm, intelligence, wit, looks, style (well maybe not style) and fit… it’s going to be hard to resist me. 😉

In all seriousness, it’s great how lots of things are coming together nicely right now, the fitness n diet is giving me more energy, the cashflows in the right direction, the flats looking MUCH better (really must post some pics on here) and…

drum roll please…

I will complete the Master Practitioner in NLP next week!! I’m off up north (well shropshire) for my grans funeral mon-wed and then I’m signed up to do the final part of my NLP on Thu + Fri.

Bring it!

PS I’m dis-owning you all as friends, except for Nick and James who’ve already sponsored me! Adam + Adam, you both owe £20 to the fund don’t forget >>>>>>>

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