A day in London

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A day in London

Apologies for not posting for a while, I’ve had a rather busy weekend. (5 sets in 4 days = 19hrs of Djing)

Last wednesday I went to London on a bit of a day trip, I started the day with a visit to Tate Modern with the hope I could get a go on one of the giant slides that had been installed in the turbine hall by Carsten Höller

carsten holler 3

The slides are free but you have to get a timed ticket by queueing at 930 or 2, I rocked up at 2 to find a fairly large queue, when I got to the front I was expecting a timed slot later in the afternoon like 4 or something… only to be told everyone wanted pairs and as I was on my own they had 1 ticket left for the 2-230 slot… wooooOOO!

carsten holler 2

…barely able to contain the huge grin that spread across my face… I trundled of, all the way up the 6 floors and then weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee… whoosh I was back at the bottom.

carsten holler 1

Wow. Imagine the biggest bestest slide you’ve ever been on in your life, then multiply it by 10! If this is the future of urban travel (which is what Carsten is suggesting with this installation) then yeah baby, roll on the future!

Then off I went to do a few things around London, went for a bit of a walk and then met Chris for a tour and “meeting” at Ministry of Sound HQ.

I persuaded Chris to come n join me at Victoria for the start of the Flashmob… he looked a bit confused at first, then seemed to find it amazing when it all kicked off (see the vid below). Once the flashmob was over, I had some food and headed for my coach back. All in all a good day to re-charge my brain, see and interact with art and do another thing on my life to-do list.

Return bus ticket to London, £12

Giant slide ride @ tate modern, £5 donation

Dancing with 4000 people in a railway station for no real reason, priceless.



  1. Luke, think u might of missed off the Video link?? or is my firefox just not showing it?? lol

  2. video link for what? the flashmob video is in the last post.

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