getting it together

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getting it together

Making the transition back to self-employment has taken a while. You have to re-adjust your mindset so that you don’t just spend all your time going for coffee n stuff. It’s take me 2 weeks to get my groove on and build up a sort of routine.

Now it’s all starting to come together nicely, project p is on track for the feasibility review at the weekend.

The pieces of Positive Link are slotting together, the plans becoming more concrete.

I’ve stepped the training up another notch, although I’m not swimming again as my ear things come back (damn it!)… but I’m aching today after yesterdays session so I suppose that’s a good sign! PS SPONSOR ME OVER HERE >>>>

De-cluttering/re-furnishing is on track for completion tomorrow… woooo! The last and main lot of furniture is being delivered in the morning, then after some manoeuvres and arranging it’s all done (phase 1 anyway).

All I need now is for a Cat Deeley-alike to agree to a vegas wedding and life’s perfect! 😀

my future wife

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