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Tis time for me to move onwards once more… I’m leaving the world of work on March 5th, to focus on my various projects.

Although I’d mostly decided a while ago, I couldn’t post it on here as I hadn’t officially handed my notice in and some people I work with have read this site in the past. (Hello to y’all if you’re still out there!)

It was quite a hard step to make, harder than I’d expected, mainly because I think I’d got used to the stability of having a regular income as opposed to my usual randomness.

In the end though, it came down to one simple reason, I am making more time to work on the longer term goals. With all the things I do, I have been spending my time just existing… and not pushing myself forward enough.

So, now I’ll have time to finish the course (Priority number 1), do the 3 or so remixes I’ve been asked to plus finish off my EP (that’s taken about 2 years!) and generally get on with coaching stuff.

One of the weird things about leaving a job is it kinda feels like a break up, “it’s not you, it’s me, I just need to work with other people… no there’s nothing you could of done differently, you were great, I just need to be on my own right now” – ok that’s not the actual conversation I had on this occasion, but you get the idea!

It makes me think about the jobs I’ve left in the past; it’s always been my decision to leave to pursue my larger goals… I’ve never been fired and I’ve only once walked out without giving proper notice. In that case the main director of the company I had to deal with was, frankly, an un-caring, un-ethical, un-professional and a downright rude individual to work for… at the time I was very careful what I wrote about the incident as I know they found this blog before and wanted to take legal action against me… I really wish they had, I could have made it my mission to trash the company into the ground through every press contact I had, failing that I guess I could of got medieval on their asses by logging numerous complaints against them to various government departments… you see… “hypothetically”… I may… have kept information about breaches of employment law, health and safety violations and contact details for former members of staff just in case… hypothetically of course… 😉

I’m reminded now of one of my favourite sayings… “Only in your deepest self is the truth of what you can be”… I think I touched on a darker side there!

Anyway… their loss. For the record, I tried to help them improve but sometimes you just have to walk away.

Hmmm… if I do this right, and life is one big experiment so who knows, these will be my last days working as an employee.

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