happy new year!

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It’s chinese new year today and any minute now it’s going to sound like world war 3 outside as the local chinese gets its fire-crackers n dragon stuff going on.

I’m feeling like another period of change is starting for me and my friends… 2 friends have just moved into a new flat together, Kelly moved this weekend, phase 1 of my new furniture arrived on sat… I always use CNY as another check on how stuffs progressing… 007 still kicks ass!

Woooooo! If I manage to get a pic of any of the stuff outside, I’ll post it u later. Ciao.

UPDATED – Stu, you’re going to get a post all of your own… but yes, I knew there were more people with change going on, plus a couple of things I can’t put on here yet!

Forgot to say about the furniture n general flat sort out…

Phase 1 – studio rebuild – proper modular vinyl storage plus shiny new speaker stands! (done – arrived saturday)

Phase 2 – Bedroom sort out – no more clutter! A set of storage boxes for my “accessories” (ie silly hats, ties, comedy braces, wigs etc!) n new laundry basket (rather than the pile on the floor, till I can be bothered to do some washing) will be sorted friday.

Phase 3 – lounge furniture – new cupboards to hide all my crap – delivery tbc (approx 2 weeks)

Phase 4 – flat de-cluttering – once all new furniture has arrived, I will be aiming for the classic motto “everything in its place and a place for everything” – wooooo!

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  1. What about my period of change??? Weds is the big day!! 😉

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