Costa Teguise – day 3

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Ah… I like it here, although I almost had to wear a jumper earlier because there was a bit of cloud… 🙂 (how’s the snow in England..?)

Weather is pretty good, 26 degrees yesterday, been at least 20 all week.

Took an expedition to the capital today, Arricife… it’s a bit crap, don’t bother. Kinda cool to see the real side of the island thoug as Costa Teguise is a “resort”.

Generally i still think the Canary Islands is where I’ll buy a place to escape to in a couple of years time, the climate is perfect for me this time of year, not too hot but nice.

Made an awesome amount of headway into the course pre-study, read about 200 (out of 500) pages and watched about half the DVD’s (It’s working well because kelly goes to bed early so I watch one or two each night then get up a little bit later).

Had some amazing food out here, the best so far was a monkfish, prawn and bacon kebab with a spicy green sauce… hmmmm… fish wrapped in bacon… hhhhhh….

I was going to upload a pic or two n make you feel jealous, but the technology here means I have no way of getting the photos onto this PC. Oooh, that reminds me… one thing that has really impressed me is the use of gadgets over here! At almost every restaurant/cafe they use PDA’s to send orders to the kitchens and they get alerts when food is ready, seems a bit over the top? What it means is the waiters never leave the tables so customer service is amazing, plus the orders are a checkbox so it’s always spot on… sounds like a lame thing to be impressed by eh? It amuses me.

Been able to get by on my basic spanish (getting a bus, ordering food etc) although you hardly need to speak any really.


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