Motion and emotion

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Motion and emotion


It’s easy to forget the simple things in life sometimes; one of those is the relationship between motion and emotion. In the words of Mr Anthony Robbins “Motion creates emotion”, it’s easy to prove… sit slumped in a chair for 10mins, how do you feel? Stand up, jump around, quack like a duck, now how do you feel? Completely different I’ll bet. So what changed?

I was thinking last night about the factors that will influence the decisions I have to make in the weeks ahead, one of those is my environment. Working in a “normal 9 to 5” (whatever that is) has one major drawback… its too passive for me! I have to get up n walk to the water machine at least every hour, otherwise I’d pretty much be sat on my arse all day.

This got me thinking, no wonder everyone is bored at work (I don’t mean where I am working now, I mean society in general!)… we all sit on our asses every day. My though for today is, get up, stretch it out, jump around… quack like a duck (not sure what that has to do with it, but it works)… take a quick stroll… go out for a non-fag (that’s cigarette to those of you from the US of A) break… WORK IT BABY!

Try it for a day, see how you get on.

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  1. Ah you see I do that (except the duck bit – I’m more of a yawn and scratch myself type) but it usually ends up with me stood by a vending machine thinking that I really don’t need the chocolate I have just bought. Maybe it’s duck substitute choc?

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