luck n karma

Posted by on January 29, 2007 in general thoughts | 0 comments

I don’t believe in luck. We’ve done that one on here plenty of times, you make your own luck… end of. (chance is another thing altogether, it’s not mystical – see the booklist: “the luck factor”)

Karma… I was thinking earlier “do I believe in karma?”

On reflection, I think it’s more that I believe if you generally do good things, good things happen to you rather than some mystical karmic energy flow thing… then something spooky happened… I was searching for an old post on here and I found an entry on Karma… written almost exactly a year ago, where I said I must be due some good things as my Karmic account is in credit.

Looking back though, I could of done better last year. I made some bad decisions and didn’t have a great year.

The siginificance of this?

A year later, I’m pondering some more big decisions from a very different position and in a different state of mind.

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