another brick in the wall

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2 things…

uno – OH MY FSM* I had fun in London!
Ministry of Sound kicked ASS!!! First up I did some study on the train, so my guilt of going to London was gone… a nice meal in Streatham, quick beer in a cool bar and off to Ministry for some serious drinkin n dancin’..

Chris Lake was good, Micky Slimm rocked it, Sebastien Leger was ok, Buick Project (live) were awesome. Met some very cool (and fit) people, drank a bit too much then partied some more at Formulate… not as good as ministry, DJ must of been wrecked or something, his mixing was off, bit disappointed but random missioning amused me, if not Chris

– my quote of the night had to be the immortal words of wisdom I gave Chris at 5am when we were lost in aldgate… “Ask someone random where it is, random people always know everything…” Luke stumbles off to a random car… “excusssh me mate, where is Formulate?”.. “I dunno mate but there’s a club down there..” – TA DA! Club located, thanks to the next random who came by… point proven!

dos – NLP course chosen and paid up
Another brick in the learning wall this one… I’ve chosen a course that I think will suit me best, lots of DVD and book pre-study, from an institute that has a more scientific approach and involves doing practicals in chunks… I’ve also added in hypnotherapy, which means technically it’s kinda 3 courses in 1 (Practitioner of NLP, Master Practitioner of NLP and an Advanced Practitioner in Clinical & Medical Style Hypnotherapy)

Yeeeehaaaa!!!! Not doing things by ‘alves this year guv’nor!

* – Luke is a signed up pastafarian

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