things goin on

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things goin on

holiday number 1
3 weeks time, I’m off for a week to the Canary Islands to chill out, plan the year ahead, read a load of books (for the course) and generally recharge the batteries. Woooo! A whole week of me time, nice… hope I don’t drive myself bonkers!

Teguise in Lanzarote

Skeptic Hero – James Randi
I have an open mind, but generally I’m a big skeptic of all things mystical and unproven (See ‘tree of life‘), so it’s good to see James Randi renewing his One Million Dollar psychic prize.
See this article in Wired news

In short, anyone who can demonstrate psychic abilities to James’s foundation wins $1 Milllion… the prize has just had it’s 10 year anniversary, n guess what… no-one’s ever won it… wow. suprise! Now he’s going after big TV mediums and oddballs (like spoon bending Mr Geller) by issuing them public challenges… YES! I love this man, tackle the nonsense head on. Respect.

2manygenres @ MySpace
Woooo! I have 500 friends… so ner! hahaha, sad eh?

Biometric Passports
Always amongst the first to get new gadgets… I had to renew my passport and they’ve issued me with a biometric one, RFID chip n all… not sure how I feel about that… hmm.. anyway… ner ner ne ner ner gadget freaks, I’ve got a chip in my passport n you haven’t! hahaha

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