The Year of Bond ‘007

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The Year of Bond ‘007

year of bond 007

My moto for this year is best summed up by my new year text out

“Happy New Year! Live ‘007 like bond… Fast, exciting, plenty of passion and some cool gadgets!”

I’m on a mission that everyone calls this the year of bond… it’s working! I’ve had a few texts back from people calling it the year of bond! Plus, even more exciting I got my original message sent to me, from someone I hadn’t sent it to… so it must of gone round a bit then come back, coolio!

Even cooler my year has started in this way already! (the spring is launching peeps)

2nd Jan… 10am… I aint gettin’ out of bed until absolutely necessary… BBBUUUUUUUZZZZZZZZZZ… stumble out of bed reluctantly… my first gadget of the year has arrived!! Wooooo!!!

I’m now the proud owner of a DigiEye… cool eh? (Erm… it sends an infrared remote signal via wireless across my house… if you’ve been to my flat you’l understand how handy this is!)

The money situation is more sorted out, thanks to the last 3 months of working like a dog… I’ve been working out and out on the bike training for the summer… holidays, I’m thinking of getting away for a week to the sun, anyone fancy coming? Oz fund, back up to a do-able level… wooohooo!

‘007 is kickin ass so far!


  1. Happy new year to you too sir! Only just got round to posting a response as been either in my sick bed or taking Ruth shopping in the sales up North this weekend. Someone’s got to do it I suppose…

  2. I got a text from you while we were in Thailand… Thanks my friend. E-mail me about Winter Music Conference in Miami in March. We’re thinking about going and we’d love to have you join us…

  3. I could be up for that! I’ll check the dates

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