I am a spring

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Right now, I feel like a spring… the coiled metal kind.

See, I’ve worked fecking hard the last few months… and whilst I know it’s headed in the right direction, it’s not quite got there yet.

Financially, it’s been a really tough year. Lots of big bills going out, not so much coming in! That corner is almost turned now, soon… my bank account will be in the black, the credit cards will be clear and I can work a few less hours… thereby having more time to put into Positive Link.

Healthwise, I don’t feel much fitter yet, but I’m still working out quite a bit and I’m starting the training plan for the Pier to Pier swim in Jan… look out ladies, fit, smart and charming… lethal combo! hahaha!

Flat fings, I’m still in this place, but… now I have access to clever money people (ever need a financial advisor – mortgage, investments, insurance etc, let me know) it’s still on track, but whilst I have the debt where it is… it’s off the agenda for a bit longer.

Holidays n oz – until the bank account is in the black I’m not adding to my Oz fund, which stands around £750 at the moment… Nov I think is the plan at the moment

Job stuff – I’m still on a short term contract, in Jan, I’ll be looking to make this a full time role, either where i am now or by applying elsewhere – chrimbo out the way then the CV will fly out.

Gigs – 4 good monthly gigs lined up for next year, only 1 I have confirmed dates for so far…. the others will happen… they just haven’t yet… damn it!

Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!! The spring is coiled… tightening n almost ready to explode… look out ‘007! here I come!

PS how cool is it, that the year is ‘007? Wooop wooop!

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