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This post is me, using a lateral thinking technique called Po (meaning a form of provocation, to stimulate thought).. check out the book list for Lateral Thinking (if it’s not there, I’ll add it soon)

One of my current jobs involves analysing emails captured (both correctly and incorrectly) in a spam filter.

It amazes me that spam continues to be an issue… it’s frustrating because it really shouldn’t be a problem; if no-one bought generic drugs/fake degrees/random stocks etc from these spammers… they wouldn’t bother selling them any more – which means the main problem is people being stupid enough to actually buy things from these crooks!

Why would you do that? How much confidence would you have in a generic drug that came from an unknown emailer? I wouldn’t!

Why on earth would you invest in a stock, just because you received an email telling you to do so? Jeeebus, are there really people that idiotic in the world?

It’s the same with these Nigeria scams where they give you some protracted story about a member of the former regime, with funds they need to transfer… bla bla bla… pay a fee for the transfer for thousands of pounds and you’ll get millions – who is DUMB enough to fall for these? They are out there… maybe we shouldn’t warn people about these anymore.. Fundamentally, are we degrading the human race by not allowing natural selection to take its course on the genetic pool?

Hell lets go a step further… no more warnings on bags of peanuts “may contain nuts” if you don’t realise it contains nuts, how the hell are you clever enough to survive in the modern world!!

Perhaps we could solve a lot of problems in the world, if we stopped trying to interfere with natural selection?

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  1. Hmm Darwin rules ok…

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