essential party fashion for 2007

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essential party fashion for 2007

What a beauty of a weekend! Toko, got going late… rocked till they dropped…. Hed Kandi, usual rammer-jammer mayhem… then… well… the cherry on the cake…

luke dubyah essential party accessories

erm… what can I add to explain.. that??

You see I was invited to a legendary party at the weekend, at some point just before leaving I decided to dress up and take as many accessories as I could (2 hats, scarf and leo the lizard) for no real reason.

Quite frankly it’s a hard life… turning up to glamourous parties with 3 lovely ladies, a bottle of jack and a 3ft plastic lizard. (“hi, would you like to stroke my lizard..”)

For the record, all good parties should include the following:

– decent tunes on a decent system
– Jack Daniels + Tequila
– 3ft long plastic lizards
– smoke machine
– selection of comedy hats
– more lovely ladies than men
– samosas
– lap dancing pole
– rubber chicken
– jacuzzi and/or hot tub

Life rocks!!

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