Jaw Ache

Posted by on November 16, 2006 in general thoughts | 1 comment

A routine filling at the dentist, went a little bit Pete Tong yesterday.

It was all going ok, until they couldn’t get the sucky thing to work well, so they had to put a second one in.

When she resumed the drilling (or whatever the hell that whirry thing does) she opened my mouth a bit wider, there was an odd pop and my ears kind of felt funny… seemed ok, the local anaesthetic was doing its job.

Then when she asked me to bite on the new filling… I couldn’t.

This kinda weirded me out a bit… I couldn’t shut my mouth! I mumbled “I can’t” and kept quite calm…

…until the dentist looked down and went “oh”

then I freaked out a bit! Why couldn’t I shut my mouth???

Dentist and the technician look a bit confused at each other, then one of them fetches the other dentist from next door… who promptly tells me to relax and places both thumbs inside my mouth and then pops my jaw back into place. ow.

It still aches today but I don’t think there’s any lasting damage… couldn’t talk for about 4 hours yesterday, but some would probably say that’s a blessing…

Anyway, old Luke would of said “stuff this for a game of cricket” but not now… I calmly booked my next 6 month check out and wandered home.


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  1. This doesn’t fill me with confidence as I am due to have a lower wisdom tooth removed next week..

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