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Posted by on November 15, 2006 in general thoughts | 1 comment

Sometimes people will believe the most random and stupid things, it’s a bit mean but every now and again I just can’t resist telling a whopper for my own amusement…

…Picture the scene, I’ve just watched a film with my current flatmate Becky, during the film an animal is “shot” and yelps.

At the end of the film is the normal “No animals were harmed, bla bla bla” which Becky points out…

To which I say (absolutely seriously)

“yeah, they always say that, but its a bit cruel the way they tread on the dogs paws to make it yelp”…

jeeeebus, I never thought she’d believe me!!

I really wish I had a video camera for the look of shock… and the hysterics when the penny dropped.

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  1. Yeah but how do they make dogs yelp then?

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