the inter-connectedness of all things

Posted by on November 13, 2006 in general thoughts | 1 comment

this evening’s entry may be a tad random, nowt new there then..

Flatmate found – dum dum duuuuuuh!
Dubyah Towers welcome’s it’s soon to be newest lodger Carla.

tangent 1: I highly recommend checking out gumtree for free classifieds, I placed an ad on wed night by friday I had 10 replies, of which I invited 5 to see the flat… 4 did… and of those 2 seemed good… it later transpired one of them was a mates sister… so, job done.

inter-connect 1: random internet ad ends up finding a mates sister…

inter-connect 2: …who, once she worked out who I was checked out my photo’s and profile online to find a photo of me and one of her mates.

tangent 2: My sister’s blog will be online soon, I’m just finishing up the design and once I have it’ll appear on the links to the left… Ruth, you need to award point (if any) for your final choice of name:

inter-connect 3: Aha!! I can check out her new bloke online because he linked to her URL and I saw the trackback… a mwha ha ha haaaa! (he seems sound)

tangent 3: It did make me feel almost like I was spying though? Is it invading his private space to read his blog? Does he read here?? Well, i always go on the theory anything on here is public…

right, that’s enough rantings for today… onwards with some work.

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  1. Ah so that’s what Ruth meant when she said you have posted about me! I don’t see it as spying or invading my private space as I go by your theory too although may put less posts about sheep on it now I know you are looking – don’t want you thinking I am odd…

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