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Ok, I’ll let you into one of my secrets, I work such long days because I learnt how to micro-sleep as a student. In my final year I frequently racked up 50+ hour days but I wouldn’t recomend that for beginners!
Today, I’ll do at least a 24 hour day with loads of energy all the way through on just a 1hr power nap in the middle.

Here’s part of how, but be warned it takes practice:

1 – Turn off any and all distractions, switch off mobiles, unplug the landline etc

(1.5 – for the first few times you do it, set an alarm for an hour later, after a while you just wake up an hour later, it’s quite freaky)
2 – Make the room really dark, lie flat on your back (floor or bed)

3 – Take some deep cleansing breaths, focus on slowing your heart rate down.
4 – Think about feeling refreshed, push everything out of your head, repeat to yourself that in an hour you’ll feel awake and refreshed. If stressful thoughts enter your head, say to yourself I’ll deal with them after this hour (if they persist write a note of what action you’ll take with each one and promise yourself to resolve it after the nap)

5 – When the alarm goes up, strecth out in every direction as much as possible, then jump out of bed. Don’t just get up, LEAP up.

6 – Get your motabalism fired up, be really active, listen to some avin’ it music whatever.

Ciao for now, I’m off to do my second 8 hour day today! Raaaaaaaa!

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