the next years challenges!

Posted by on October 18, 2006 in general thoughts | 3 comments

About time I made more of them concrete, by sharing with you guys:

1) Pier to Pier swim – physically this is quite a toughy, I WILL do it! (July)
2) Release an EP on a digital label
3) Australia for a month (Nov-ish)
4) Snog Cat Deeley / Jennifer Anniston or Jessica Alba (hmmmm)
5) Buy freehold for this place – RTM company papers signed… on track!
6) Buy another flat – this is a biggy, people keep telling me it can’t be done… damn you now I MUST make it happen!
7) Complete Master Practitioner NLP course (£2k… yikes)
8) London to Brighton bike ride – Mr M did it last year… I’m with you this year chap! (June?)
9) Go to a football/rugby match – weird eh? Never been to one
10) make Positive Link my full time job (re-launch comin soon!)
ok maybe one of those is a bit silly… why would I go to a sports match? Hahaha

Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Game on baby!


  1. Can I get 1 Point pleeeeeeeease!

    For someone who is clearly obsessed with the woman, you’d think you’d be able to spell her name correctly!

    Jennifer Aniston!

    Does that mean I get onto the scoreboard?


  2. Normally such a HEINOUS spelling error on my part would get 5 points… but… you only asked for 1 so…

  3. No fair! I tihnk I deserve at least 3 then!

    pretty please!

    Off to Tenerife on Saturday so I’ll post your bag to you when I get back – another extra point me thinks! (ha ha)


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