Born stupid?

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Born stupid?

born stupid

I met this slightly odd philosophical guy once, he really believed that because he studied philosophy he was superior to others, not intentionally in a conscious or bad way, but I’m sure he thought it…

The point of this drivel is… he asked me what my favourite quote was, he seemed suprised when I didn’t hesitate to say “Born stupid? Try again”. It’s not by someone famous, in fact, it’s just something I picked up years ago as a flyer for an internet company in the dot com boom days… and yes, they are bust now).

I love it! So much so I framed it and it sits on my desk, it’s everything I believe in 4 words!

It means so much to me:

Things happen, it’s how you deal with it that matters.
Choose to take control of your life.
and Keep on truckin’!!

One thing I have found though (when it’s been re-located to a place of work) – some people just don’t get it!?


Seriously, I’ve had people ask me what it means, usually by people who are “happy” living their lives, ticking along and not pushing forwards. Feck that for a game of cricket! I want more!!!
Well, it works for me.

Hope y’all had a groovy weekend.

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