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Cllr David Clutterbuck

“Who?” …probably what most of you said outloud when you read that, am I right?
Well, allow me explain… If you believe the papers, he’s the Bournemouth Councillor who was suspended from his duties and then resigned from the conservative party after he joked in an email:

“…that a modern-day Noah would have to let gay animals aboard his ark.”

Outrageous! Er… I don’t think so, not very funny perhaps. Worthy of anything more than a reprimand, I don’t think so.

Why then are all the journalists up in arms that this man was forced out for a bad joke? Political correctness gone mad type stories… the ageist card was played (he’s 70)… the “they’ve wanted me out for ages” spiel…

Not one article seems to of picked up why he was actually suspended – after he’d been asked to apologise for any offence caused made the remark he responded:

“I believe in the law of Moses. I’m not a religious fanatic. As long as they do it behind closed doors, I don’t mind, but now they (homosexuals) control the media, the television.

They have much stronger control over this country than they should have.”

Now that is suspension material, but no one seems to of even mentioned it in the media… it’s really making me sick the amount of stirring up that goes on in the mainstream media – that quote is why he got fired and frankly a disgusting view for someone in public office, I’m amazed that it’s not been picked up and shouted about!

Anyway, I’ve vented so now back to the plans for world domination… if you’re out on sat night in Bournemouth town, come say hi, I’m spinnin’ downstairs in Toko from midnight to 5.


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