my weekend with Anthony Robbins

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my weekend with Anthony Robbins

Hello world! Did you miss me?

First up, a massive thank you to all of you who contributed towards my weekend: especially Simon and Sarah. Thank You.

Where have I been? Well, as some of you know I went to an Anthony Robbins seminar in London this weekend, I learnt some things about myself, topped up some of my life coaching knowledge… met some cool people, did a bit of mind reading and ticked another thing off my to do list… a Firewalk! Woooooo!

Yes, I can proudly say that I’ve walked over a bed of hot coals and it felt good! Attached is a photo of me (coals in background) just after I’d completed it.

post firewalk

Hold on a minute Luke, did you say mind reading?

Yep…Kinda… during an NLP exercise in rapport (mirroring and matching to try and feel the other persons mood – to demonstrate the link between physiology and psychology) I matched my target subject well enough that I felt what she was remembering: I knew she was on a smallish boat with a few friends, there were mountains nearby, it was a nice clear crisp day… I sort of saw it in my head and it proper weirded me out for a while!

Anyway, overall I got a lot out of it, some of the “conditioning” felt a bit like brainwashing to me, so I left during these sessions and worked on my plan (being that I was feeling highly motivated)… there were far too many references to a spirit/creator/god than I was happy with and whilst he claimed to phrase this as reffering to any god… it ignored what I believe in… ie nothing. It felt almost like someone preaching intelligent design – don’t get me started on that bunch ‘o crap… maybe another day.

The only thing I really didn’t like was the hard upsell, a lot of the conditioning was rightfully centered around taking action now and maintaining momentum (which is spot on)… however this was always followed by a quite hardsell approach to his other more expensive courses all £11k worth… or at a special today only (and the following day “lucky” us!) seminar price of £5k if you pay a deposit now… then back to how important it was to take action now, now… NOW!

I’ll write more about this when I’m not feeling so productive and have finished the redesign of positivelink.

Ciao for now!


  1. You do realise you’ve spelt write wrong??

  2. 3 points! PS did you choose a name yet for your blog sis? If so how many points do you want to award to Tony/John…

  3. Well if we’re picking out spelling errors referring is not spelt reffering!!

    Points please! **KER-CHING**

  4. I would award points… but I’m not sure I like your tone young man.. (see what I did there) oh go on then but only 1!

  5. Just a minute… there is something wrong here…. She got 3 and I only got 1…

    Thats it give me my ball back I’m going home and not playing any more and going home…


  6. Glad you enjoyed it mate. Least you’re strong enough in mind not to get brain washed!!

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