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Posted by on August 31, 2006 in general thoughts | 3 comments

I’m starting to really question myself, to lose confidence in who I am and what I can do.


ohh.. bugger it, I maybe shouldn’t write this here… but i’m gonna…

I’m feeling really trapped and un-happy in my current workplace, I think I have to get out pronto – maybe even before I have something else to go to…

The problem with this is not so much the money (which is an issue), but that I’ll of moved on twice in 3 months (although both were temp contracts)… maybe it’s me????

I’ve not worked in a proper office for 4 years… am I just expecting too much?

Can anyone compare these to their own place and tell me honestly if I’m being picky:

– The turnover of staff is disturbing (7 in the 6 weeks I’ve been there… out of a team of 30!) – significant numbers of staff are actively seeking alternative employment.

– The atmosphere is oppressive; temperature in the office today hit 28, with no air con and only a few fans… add to this a dusty, cluttered and overcrowded office space with only my desk plant to break it up… and you get me with a layer of sweaty-grime at the end of each day.

– The job is nothing like it was described, I’m spending my entire time doing sickness and lateness interviews, timesheets, performance improvement, formal and disciplinary hearings… barely any coaching or process analysis… when I do, I’m ignored at meetings to the point where I’m left to feel an utter idiot.

– The pay was advertised as a basic + bonus, guaranteed to rise after 3 months and then it turns out to be just the basic, no bonus structure even in place and no chance of a rise.

you know what, that’s not even the half of it… I really didn’t want to rant on, it’s not like me.


…how do you sign on the dole then? 🙁

EDITED: Arses, I just read this all back, what a whinger… sorry, there are some things more serious I just couldn’t write here… ignore this whole entry. I’m working on a Plan B.


  1. Chin up bro, the one thing i can comment on is the heat, round the corner from me 28 is cool, air con in an open plan office never works and we feel it, it’s regularly over 30 and as there’s no upper limit for temperatures in working conditions theres nowt to do, except buy an air con unit!

    Everyone needs a rant now and then .

  2. Sorry to see you go man i know how you feel.
    All the best mate and i’m sure i’ll see you around 🙂

  3. Been there got the T-shirt mate, i think your were a good guy, caught in some bad shit! Respect for standing up for your beliefs. I think the company in question Is heading in the wrong direction – watch this space!!

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