healthy living…?

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Not sure I should admit to this one, but feel the need to share with the group….

Since drinking faaaarrrrr too much on my birthday celebration last saturday (19th) I vowed not to drink again, for a while…

It lasted till tuesday (22nd – my actual birthday), albeit just the one Uncle Jack n Aunty Cola.

Oh yeah… and well… um, I had to have a couple on thursday for my mate Chris’s (aka ralph) birthday…

and you know Paul van Dyke isn’t in Bournemouth very often so the odd drink before/during/after is to be expected… right?

…frankly not drinking at the wedding on saturday was very unlikely to begin with… although I’m not sure shots of Tequila Rose (officially THE nastiest shot in the world) was in the plan… or carrying on at censo till silly o’clock… or afterwards at my house…

Well… turning down free drinks while DJing on a bank holiday sunday is just rude… as would be not carrying on aftwards for some silly dancing with Dan + Dan @ Frolic…

and that leaves me here, entirely un-refreshed after a bank holiday… but quite happy with the places I’ve been and people I’ve seen.

Thanks to the wonders of

a) knowing club owners/managers almost everywhere in town
b) being bought drinks for my birthday
c) Fixing a sound system where my mate was playing and being given drinks to say ta

I didn’t actually spend that much in last 8 days… especially when you consider I visited 12 different drinking establishements (most of which were clubs) in 6 days of going out clubbing!

So back to the working week… and the joy that brings [cough… ahem…]

I am now officially in detox…

…until the lovely Oddny’s birthday on sat!

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