tonight a dj saved my life…

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Well, he lent me his bodyboard a couple of weeks ago and that took all the stress and trauma out of the week in one wavey session.

Chris Bailey, thank you.

See, I fixed chris’s plug socket and he’s putting loads of stuff in storage… so I helped him out by “looking after” his bodyboard.

Splashing around in the (actually semi-decent) surf for an hour was just what the doctor ordered after a hectic, stressful, nightmare week. I won’t bore you with the details becuase I’m feeling good right now and I don’t wanna lose my buzz man…

Roll on the birthday drinking tomo!!!

NB: If you’re coming to the Opera House tomo, your names are on the “Luke Dubyah Three Ohhh birthday bash guest list” thanks Alice n Co! x


  1. Happy Birthday hun – Hope you had a good one! x

  2. Hiya mate

    Good to hear you finally made it home after your birthday bash – such a quality night. James and I had a blast and it was great to finally get to know some of the familar faces I’ve been bumping into for the last couple of times I’ve been down.

    Hope your Tequila and Sambuca quest didn’t pickle your liver too much (wasn’t it 7 T’s and 9S’s by the time I left. I have a vivid and quite frankly scary picture in my mind of you kissing practically everyone… and trying to count Ts and Ss on your fingers. Ta for telling J that he was the best bloke in the world for me – keep going and he may finally get the hint!

    Lots of love


  3. Many happy returns and welcome to 30. As you can probably understand I am gearing up to Saturday night… be there…!!

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