The Easy Life – pt2

Posted by on August 11, 2006 in general thoughts | 0 comments

(First up, I’m tired, so if this is full of typo’s n stuff… tough)

So… life has very few certainties… one of them is that life continually changes n evolves.

I think I need to start applying for jobs elsewhere, there’s an important lesson in life I’m reminded of here:

Choose your battles wisely.

Sometimes the only way to win is to not fight… or fight for a bit, whilst looking for a new battle perhaps? Although I’m on a temp contract, where I’m free till 12 mon-thu, so it wouldn’t be too bad… not exactly ideal to be headed to my 3rd job in as many months?

Job 1 – always planned as a stepping stone, to get me back into working… had planned to do it for at least 6 months to broaden my CV… worked there about 5 weeks…

Job 2 – seemingly offering a good chance to further develop my coaching/training… albeit in a slightly ropey company… in a pretty crappy office…

Job 3 – third time lucky???

Am I just being too picky? Or maybe bigheaded?

I’m an intelligent, presentable, adaptable, knowledgeable, dependable chap… I CAN do better than this.

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