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A treat for you regular readers: Luke Dubyah – 2manygenres 3

Luke Dubyah - 2manygenres3 artwork

This link won’t appear anywhere else until after the Eric Morillo gig on saturday, where there will be 200 proper copies of this cd given out! Wooo!

Usual multi genre mashed up mayhem as you’d expect, recorded live, no post-production… every mix you hear on this cd I can and do live when I play in clubs, I don’t understand the point in doing a demo if you can’t play like it live?? Unless its a chill out/listening to compilation.

And so onwards to the weekend, where the relative fame of playing with Mr Morillo and having my first demo properly pressed up n distributed beckons… woop woop!

(any birthday ideas anyone? …anyone?)


  1. Downloading now.. I’ve just been to Amsterdam for my stag do. I would say if you’re feeling adventurous then go there for your birthday. It lessened the pain of being thirty for me so could also work for you.

  2. Tracklisting please sir.

  3. the cover is as close as you get to a tracklisting… enjoy!

  4. And what good demos they were too! 😀


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