Lucky Tenner?

Posted by on June 27, 2006 in general thoughts | 5 comments

Lucky Tenner?

A magical mystical thing happened this weekend… a tenner came into my life, with a good luck message on it…

lucky tenner

How random is that? It was given to me by Penny, I’m not sure where she got it… or whether to pass it on, or keep it??

£10… ten quid… ten bucks… ten pounds of english sterling… with a good luck note written on it!!! (although they did spell possesses wrong)

Almost makes me want to believe in luck… hmmm…

In other news, pics from a glorious weekend of camping are now online.


  1. It would be interesting (as an experiment) to mark every note that you have with a message.. and see if it starts a social phenomenon of copycats, media interest, etc… or even to see if they ever come full circle back into your possession.

    Perhaps making the messages quite cryptic..


  2. I had considered putting this website addr on a note and sending it on… hmmm….

  3. You’d be thrown in the tower for defacing the Queen…

  4. I like the idea of sending out more notes with cryptic messages on them !

  5. Give me back my tenner. I need all the luck I can get my little hands on.

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