annus maximus mutatio

Posted by on June 19, 2006 in general thoughts | 0 comments

Funny how the more you do, the more you do…

Or is that just me?

Now I’m working full time, I’m squeezing other things into my lunch and afternoon (15min) break… thanks to living about 150m from work.

I’ve said to myself, I won’t work more than 4 nights a week plus either saturday or sunday on top of the day job. So far (week 2 though..) it’s going ok, I’m getting a lot done.

The best bit of getting a job has been breaking the pattern, getting out of the rut that I was unaware I was even in!

Being me, it also makes me realise how much I really want to make some big changes in the next year or so…

For starters: I want to move to Bos Vegas, been planning this for a while and its on the cards now I have an income.

Next step, financial freedom! By that I mean having enough invested earning me money that I could (not that I would) live without working.

Onwards to world domination!!!

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