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What is a blog anyway?

Well technically, I guess its a Web-log… bit hard to say, not so catchy… and so it became known as a blog. (see what they did there? oooh get you)

I think of it as an easy means for anyone to publish anything, which in my mind is what the web should be. (and why I’ll build anyone a site for pence)

Something occured to me today, about why blog growth has been quite so meteoric.

The internet, is so ridiculously huge that its easy to get lost and not find what you want, isn’t it?

Thats where blogs really plug the gap, they take the web and group it together into chunks… blogs on things that interest you, do the work for you… if you want to know about old atari computer games… guess what, there’s a blog about it. you name it, somewhere there is an authority on it.

Now the hardcore geeks will know all this, in the context of the whole “web 2.0” thing… I’m still not sure I agree with that label, anyway… Clever sites that link meta-data and use phrases like contextualization and tagging. Spin n gubbins, bleurgh I say.

Fundamentally, blogs work because they fulfill a need… be it daily kitten pictures, gadget information, celebrity gossip or just staying in touch… they’re easy to write and read… they allow interaction…. subscriptions (RSS) …

…I’m just rambling now, aren’t I? Ok, sorry.

A blog is whatever you want it to be, and I love ’em.

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