4 weddings and a funeral!

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4 weddings and a funeral!

“Fuck, fuck… fucketty fuck fuck!”

Yes, my life has become a film.

And as per the film, my first wedding of the year started with me running around saying “fuck” as I’d left my tie at home… no worries, a quick detour (not quite hurtling along in an old mini… an old micra) and we’re on the road to Wales for my cousins wedding… gorgeous reception, held in an old country house and grounds.

Country House

Whilst sat for dinner near the doors to outside, we noticed that the quartet had stopped playing suddenly… they had witnessed a poor little bird, attempt to leave his nest, only to land on the ground with a bit of a splat. Slightly distraught by this they resumed playing, until the poor bird started moving and chirping loudly.

Help was summoned, who promptly arrived to move the baby bird… unfortunately for the bird, he wasn’t really watching where he stepped and trod on it. The bird let out one final cheap and the poor cello player started crying.

Phew… at least it was only a bird, I was quite worried that I had 4 weddings this summer…

RIP little birdy

…at least the guests at my table saw the funny side of my request to the quartet for the funeral march…

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