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Posted by on May 6, 2006 in general thoughts | 2 comments

In a word… bleurgh!


The intention was good, go to slinky’s 9th birthday… catch up with a few people… set yourself a tight budget (£20) and go home when its spent… I didn’t factor in a few things though…

1) Drinking before going out

2) Getting a couple of people in free with me, who then bought me drinks

3) Not paying for many drinks because I know the managment… who were on a mission to get everyone hammered (well it was the 9th birthday)

From £20, including a taxi there and back… I still had £4 left somehow… so a planned 1am finish… actually ended up at about 6am a bit worse for wear.

Well, I had a wicked night, saw a load of people, met some important faces and I got up at a reasonable hour so the days not wasted!

Quiet one for me tonight…


  1. You’re engaging in a life of sin Luke. Repent!!!!

  2. Slight problem, I don’t believe in a higher being, with whom I could repent for my alleged sins!

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