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What is it with me? Do I have an addictive personality?

First of all I got hooked on Neighbours (I’ve got that in check now)… I continually try (and fail) to give up chocolate and sweets, although I no longer feel the need for my daily creme egg…

Now, its cherry coke! Why? I dunno… I just had a can the other day n now I’m hooked… of course the first step is realising you have a problem (which I did when I saw a stack of empty Cherry coke cans in my recycling bin)… now to treat it.

Hmm… there’s a caffeine theme… maybe its that?



  1. Yo Luke its Amy, hows it going? Im in NZ and Steph in Neighbours just had her baby – are we ahead of England?!

  2. Mateo! I don’t know love, I honestly haven’t watched it, pretty sure you would be ahead in NZ though. See you soon superstar travelling correspondent. x

  3. Yeah – i havent watched it either! Hope all is good in sunny bmth, im chasing winter over here – dur! xx

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