Ministry of Sound

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Ministry of Sound

I’d forgotten how much fun a clubbing road-trip can be… saturday was awesome!

Well, I was planning a quiet weekend, but then within the space of an hour I’d been offered a lift to ministry and guest list… seemed rude not to… especially as the very talented Jon Gurd was playing..

The whole thing was just good clean fun, first stop southampton to redezvous with the rest of the gang, couple of drinks then onwards… as expected, a toilet stop and random purchases from the services… couple of minor wrong turns (“just stay on the A3″… “which A3?” haha) good old boogie till about 5am.

Best sets for me were Electric Press, who are playing in Bournemouth next month, and Jon Gurd.

Trundle back via the legendary fleet services to an after party in Bournemouth, spin some tunes… drink a bit more, arrive home 12 to a cup of earl grey… and pass out.

Busy weekend coming up, Slam on friday and Censo sunday (email me for guesty)! Wooooo!

jon gurd @ ministry

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