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I don’t mind shopping… but I don’t think I’m that good at it. So, after failing miserably to find a shirt on thursday, I enlisted the services of a personal shopper/stylist!

WOW! I’m never shopping alone again… the planned 1 shirt turned into 3 awesome shirts, a cool coat and some much needed trainers… for the sum total of £120, WINNER!

Even if I do say so myself… I looked hot last night!

Weird isn’t it though? I’m not exactly a shallow person, yet appearence IS important to me, I think part of it is image generally… selling yourself as a DJ/Life coach/whatever requires that you look a certain way sometimes.

I’d be lying if I said looks aren’t important, thinking about it, its just niave to say they don’t matter… our fundamental human existence is due to finding a desirable mate… a reputable business colleague or a trustworthy friend – image and first impression play a big part in that.

It’s like networking… I meet so many wannabe DJ’s who just expect to get gigs… they work hard perfecting a set, finding tunes… but dont spend any time on their “brand”, how people see them (online presence, CD’s…) or working at networking, its a required skill… but too often you hear the moan (from idiots, who just don’t get it) “it’s not how good you are, it’s who you know..” well do something about it you plonk stain.

Something stands in the way of your goals… fix it!

Hmm… hungover ramblings finished for now.. Peace. X

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  1. agreed – i think your new shirt and coat are very nice! well done!

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