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WARNING: the next paragraph may make you laugh out loud and/or fall off your chair.

I dropped into the offices of a local club to pick up a cheque for my services on monday, of the 3 people in the office I knew 2 of them and was introduced to the third (quite a lovely young lady, I may add) as: “This is Luke, the most eligible batchelor in Bournemouth”! HAHahahaha Me? 😀

Well, I mean I know I’m fantastic… but hey, I don’t shout about it! 🙂

Earlier I was talking to a friend on msn about random stuff, they’ve not been having a great time recently, I said something nice about them and they asked why I was being nice!

We then had a chat about compliments and how hard the average British (I’m thinking it’s a British phenomenon) person finds it to accept a compliment.

It’s weird isn’t it? Most people (I’m obviously so used to people telling me how great I am, I’ve got used to it…) do find it embarrasing or awkward when someone is nice to them. No wonder we’re desending into a land of chavs, where insults are ok, but compliments are scary!

So, I hereby designate 2006 as the year of the compliment and I urge you all to give and receive gracefully as many genuine compliments as you can… share the love!


  1. You have nice hair.

    Now do me.

  2. haha, thats not quite what I had in mind! But ta!

    You’re one of the soundest blokes I know.

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