Derren Brown

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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… this man is a genius! A truly amazing man who has an incredible set of skills.

Tonight on Ch4 I watched “messiah” where he used his skills on experts in 5 fields (Psychics/Spirit Guides/Evangalist/UFO “abductees”/spritualist) in different ways to convince them he had their abilities, or other abilities they would believe in and be prepared to endorse.

The whole point of the program was to make you question what you believe, to look at it and say “hey, is this real?”.

Wow, I’m just stunned at how well he was able (and in most cases to surpass the abilities of the experts) to perform these feets… the psychics at mind reading – converted non-believers with a touch – caught someones dreams in a fake dream catcher – told someone their medical history and most disturbingly, spoke to the dead… now, I know he didn’t actually do these things but the reactions of both the subjects and the experts astounded me.

They truly believed in him, not one even vaguely questioned or doubted his abilities. Thought provoking entertainment at its best – loved it!

Luke’s thought for the day: If there is a greater number of children who believe in Father Christmas (Santa… et al) than the number of adults who believe in Jesus… which is more real?

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