going cold turkey

Posted by on March 27, 2006 in general thoughts | 3 comments

Ok, this place has always been a space where I can be honest and open about anything with you guys so, bear with me… I’ve got to get this out.

I was an addict, I’m going to nail it on the head now. I got into something through a flatmate leading me astray and now, I’ve seen the light… I’ve got my mojo back and I don’t want it in my life anymore.

Yes, I’ll come clean.. I got hooked on neighbours.

The plane crash, the old faces… Harold Bishop going psycho… but I see it now for the dirty soap opera it really is.

It’s hard for me to admit being into something so un-cultured but it sucked me in, my friends were all doing it, so I thought it was ok… but I know now, I don’t need my daily fix.

As is always the way, it started innocently enough, a sociable episode over lunch with the flatmate, but then i found myself watching with no-one else home. That’s when I knew I had a problem.

I’m done with it now. No more.

Thank you for reading.


  1. But I thought everybody needed good neighbours ?

    I was led to believe thats when good neigbours became good friends ?

  2. I knew it! It started as you peering over your laptop, pretending not to be interested…then you remembered a few too many times to record it when i forgot (shit i didn’t admit to that!) and now….well…there’s no going back! mawhahaha!! mmmoohahaha!

  3. hahaha you are honourary student scum now!!! and you thought i was bad!

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