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Aaaarrrgggghhhh its that time of year again when my social calender starts filling up for the year with international jetset gigs (erm… well… none yet but we can dream! Plenty of UK dates though) fashion shows, charity dinners and weddings… you know how it is being fabulous… sweety, darlings…

Yikes… weddings!

So far, I’m signed up to be an Usher in december (yes, dec… i know! how well organised are they?) I’m going to 2 in June, 1 in July and 1 in August… cripes, it’s only March!

So it was a welcome moment (being that I’m well known for being tight.. erm?) when the latest invite arrived with a card:

The Wedding Present
Please do not feel that you have to get us a wedding present. Your presence alone is enough at our wedding. However, if you would like to contribute then a donation to our Honeymoon Fund would be most appreciated!

How cool is that!? I take my hat off to you both, genius.

All I have to work out now is… what do I wear??

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  1. Well there’s only so many toasters that one needs. I don’t think there are many couples who need all the typical wedding present stuff… especially if they’ve has their own homes for a while… however, I really do need cash to pay for my honeymoon!

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