pride and predjudice… property …and picchu?

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Nothing to do with Mr Darcy… sorry Ladies.

The last few days has been really good, played a few gigs (Soulwax, 61, FIRE etc) drove around a bit, sorted some stuff out, visited relatives, caught up with old friends… thought about stuff like….

First up… Saturday… landed in Hereford at 6pm… realised I’d left my shoes in Bournemouth, meaning I either went out looking very scruffy or had to acquire some shoes… pondered for a while, decided to head to the biggest supermarket to buy some shoes being that it would be the only place open… unfortunately Hereford is not as big as Bournemouth so I ended up buying a pair of Jeans and some trainer whitener! Job done!

Confession time… so I really like my new jeans… but, I felt like I shouldn’t as they cost a whoppingly massive £10! They’re a good fit, look cool… then I went through all sorts of thoughts…

“what if someone knew my jeans cost a £10 from Tesco?”
“maybe I’ll just wear them once and give them to charity”
“shit, I like them… am I getting middle aged???”

then I just thought “this is ridiculous”, so what… they cost £10, they fit well, look good, what the hell is wrong with me? Am I so caught up in image that I care? How shallow of me, if I didn’t tell you, you wouldn’t of known my nice new jeans cost a tenner… so what if you did anyway? Pride and Prejudice, alive n well!

It’s easy to get sucked into the value of things… and after its all said n done, they are just that, things… the value we assign to them is based on our perception, nothing more n nothing less.

…this leads me on to and property… one of my aims while I was back in Hereford was to sort through all the old clutter I had stored at my mums house. Wow, I really am a horder, I think I’m only just getting on top of my addiction… I’d kept the most random and useless/worthless things!

After 2 days of ruthless sorting, I had piles for the charity shop, a car boot, to store, to recycle, to chuck and to bring down to Bournemouth.

It was really tough deciding what to keep, chuck or put aside for selling/donating… in the end I only kept things that triggered a memory from years gone or held sentimental value becuase, in the end, the rest is just stuff… it has no real value.

The final update from the weekend is that I’ve decided it’s time to pull my finger out and research doing a trek to machu picchu for charity.

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  1. The less something costs the prouder I am of it. A tenner for a pair of jeans. What a winner!

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