Biscuit or cake?

Posted by on March 9, 2006 in general thoughts | 4 comments

In other news… apparently the difference between a biscuit and a cake is that when a biscuit goes out of date it gets softer where as a cake gets harder.

Cool…. is that true???


  1. Unfortunately the great american Twinky falls outside of your proposed classification system (it never goes out of date). Actually Americans call scones biscuits, so I guess that’s irrelavent.

  2. its not my classification, apparently this IS the distinction between the two… anyone?

  3. Tis true… It was on QI and what Stephen Fry says, goes…

  4. Tenuous link I know… but I saw Stephen Fry in the Eye of the Tiger having a curry last week… which is just up the road from Luke’s flat. Unfortunately there were no cakes or biscuits involved.

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