Fame n fortune… here I come!

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hahahaha, life….. funny old animal aint it?

An old friend of mine popped up on msn today to ask me if her sisters boyfriend could interview me… he’s writing for the student magazine at Bournemouth Uni and had to interview a “celebrity” for an assignment…


….a celebrity!

hahahahahaha ha aha aha haahhahaa

Got me thinking about my celeb status so far…

3 – times I’ve been asked for my autograph at gigs
2 – requests for signed photos via the radio station
2 – pieces of fan mail
1 – stalker (not including psycho-ex-girlfriends!)
2 – times I’ve been snapped by papparazzi when i stepped out of a limo
4 – photoshoots with a proper photographer
2 – gigs abroad that paid for my flights
1 – interview for a magazine (soon to be 2!)
2 – semi-famous ex-girlfriends (1 page 3 girl, 1 on tv)

Woooo, I’m almost a z-lister!!! hahahahaha

UPDATE: Just got an email, I’m now listed on a UK radio DJ site …what a day!!!

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