march is gonna ROCK!

Posted by on February 19, 2006 in general thoughts | 1 comment

Jeebus… this week or so in March is going to be good… but harsh on the wallet!

March 10th Stu plays @ slinky classics
March 11th Chris plays Hed Kandi/Alix’s Bday or Godskitchen/Slinky @ BIC… or Paul Woolford @ dusk till dawn!
March 15th I play with 2manydj’s @ opera house!
March 18th Headed up north for a party

cripes… detox till then for me!

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  1. Luke you also forgot the mighty GLC playing on the Thurs 2nd March at the Opera House and Paul Oakenfold on Sat 4th March!!

    And also the Tribal Sessions & High Tide – Mylo, Plumps, Nic Fanculli on Sat 18th at The Opera House!!

    God, sorry this sounds like an ad for O.H, but i know where i’ll be for most of March!! 😉

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