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I’ve reached that point, where I have my momentum back!

These last few weeks have been really hard, I’ve not been working as hard as I should… doing as much as I could and felt like crap in every way.

Eventually though, the slogging was worth it, I’m swimming again and I feel like I’ve turned the corner now in my mind and its all systems go.

– I’ve got some really good leads on gigs, thanks to 2manygenres2… and its not even in IDJ Magazine yet!

– The website stuff, is starting to come together: props to mr Chris Bailey I’ve knocked him up a page as one of his tunes is going to be in the Ministry of Sound podcast on monday. – Nice one sunshine!

– Expect to see… some new tunes (collaborations with Jon Gurd, Vicky Devine, Chris Bailey, Playboy Interface and hopefully Aquasky)… plus some awesome gigs…

– Must visit some places this year, Ibiza and the US perhaps? Maybe even work a season somewhere… who knows?

Anyway, I’m rambling a bit now.

Thanks to those who’ve helped me find my way back: Becky for starting me swimming again, Vicky for being there on MSN at silly o’clock when I couldn’t sleep, Chris for helping me keep the faith and Emily for the sanity Hot Choc sessions.


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