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Apologies if I’ve not been that talkative today… I went to Poole Hospital to have my mouth checked… turns out that part of a tooth that came out months ago, is still inside my gum and swollen/bit gunky.

“we have a cancellation next mr Williams, if you want we can try and extract it under local anasthetic, rather than coming back another day and us having put you under?”

(hmmm, how bad can it be, I mean its smaller than a tooth right?)

“um, ok”


I swear the guy almost had his knee on my chest to get the fecking thing out! He pulled so hard that when it came out, he jerked backwards, the fragment flew across the room and landed on the floor.

When I got home the anasthetic was just wearing off, I was in so much pain I nearly passed out and crumpled onto my bed in a heap. 🙁

Think I freaked my flatmate out when she arrived for lunch 5 mins later as I couldn’t talk, looked pale and only managed a mumbled “no” when she asked how I was – sorry becky!

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  1. Poor Lukey! Sorry to hear about that mate sounds horrendous hope you’re feeling better today. Was good to see everyone over Christmas must catch up again soon!
    Em x

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